#9 Learning Meditation one Tweet at a Time

Diary #9 – Learning Meditation

I heard somewhere that learning meditation was more like picking a lock rather that just hammering the long moments out time after time. Today really brought this notion home to me. As I settled to my step I saw a little troop of what I call lollipops in the higher branches of my bushes.

Leaves vs Lolipops

These are very small birds with long tails similar to the photo. I see them rather often in my front garden in a close troop leap frogging each other in a general direction.

Closing my eyes I realised that the synthesia did not work the same without the wind and the leaves. That had a kind of cohesiveness with one flurry following the next. As I listened to the bird song, (is it really singing ?) it was disparate, disjointed. I kept losing my moment with an expectation of another tweet somewhere, I was only momentarily in the Now. At least I was aware of that.


Some of the early works of Carlos Castenada came to mind, my engine was doing its work giving me clues while stopping me from sinking into what I suppose is pure awareness. I had read a lot of his work years ago and aspects of it often came back to me. I am of a mind that his later work was ghost written because much of it did not ring true even in the sense of direct insights rather than lived experiences.

In his early work I am unconcerned weather the supernatural events actually happened since many of the things he described I had already experienced except he expanded the detail and went way further. One part of this was striking my mind now. His notion of ‘hiding‘ and the contrast of having something around you riding you and holding you to the world in some way.

The way it was described was well into the supernatural, perceiving winds as entities. If you could be still as it was getting dark you would be cocooned and ‘hidden’ all night. Conversely if you stood in the wind on a hill you would be wired all night.

Like a Sponge…

So I had my eyes closed and had stopped chasing after tweets in my consciousness, no quite the contrary. Now I just became like a sponge I felt the tweets enter my cranium as vibrations. It felt incredible. Seems another veil had lifted.

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