#8 Tapping into your Inner Fire would be handy now brrrr

Unleashing inner fire

Unleashing the Inner Fire: The Ancient Art of Tummo Breathwork for Radical Transformation…. (Click safe)

Meditation Diary #8

As I settled to my step it was much colder now. I briefly tried siting with the outer front door closed, but it wasn’t right. That nature connection is important to me. I was later than usual, it was lighter and I felt more exposed to people in the street although there were not many people around. I got up and put my car further up the drive to block the view from the street and that felt better. It was going to be a short meditation because when the kids start rolling up the street on their way to school I don’t want to be around ! The notion of ‘inner fire’ was rattling around my mind. I have described below.

Inner Fire

The concept is that you tap into this hidden capacity that we are supposed to possess. It would help a lot of people in England right now with rising fuel costs and some people making the choice between being warm or eating.

Elixir of immortality

Magyu Tsalung & Tumm. – Daily Practice, The Eliixir of Immortality ( Click Safe )

I had come across the ‘Inner Fire’ before in a rather different context. This was not quite what was presented as just keeping warm. This was described in Castenada as this energy which consumes you, considerably more existential and scary. I wonder if there is a connection.

The pic featured is from the tummo meditation site. I would like to think this is a real thing and not just some dude freezing off his brass monkeys trying to drum up some business. Going to be coming back to this on the main site after some more research. I had researched it a little before and came across this method using damp sheets to trick your metabolism somehow. Wrapping yourself with damp sheets on a freezing mountaintop sounds extremely unpleasant, no thanks.

In the past I had been rather cavalier in exploring different techniques and my reckless approach had sometimes bourne surprising results. I notice this guy in the pic is doing something pulling in his belly. Tried that or something similar some time ago and it made me feel rather ill for two days after. Sometimes these guys have grown up with certain practices and suddenly trying it with no early and long term experience may be the wrong way to go. Sometimes these guys are zealots and you don’t want to be doing anything they advocate.

I opened my eyes and was startled by a squirrel crossing my line of vision close by. The kids walking, running, wheeling, shouting and screaming up the street were multiplying. It just wasn’t happening today and I packed in my session.

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