The start of a Journey on the Borderline

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Meditation Diary #1 – reflecting on meditation practice

I am writing this diary as a backwater to the my main site regarding meditation – The Villages Meditation Group. I spent a few hours today going round in circles and getting misinformed by support setting up this subdomain, but enough of that. This diary is not about tech. It is about getting a flow going and reflecting on my meditation practice, so it is rather personal. More motivating and interesting making a diary like this because my physical diaries can become a chore. My hand writing is rather illegible, even to me after a few weeks.

The reason I put ‘on the borderline’ in the title was that I felt I was on the edge of something. Additionally my favorite meditation spot currently is to sit early on my inner porch front doorstep on the borderline between public and private. Wonder where all this will go…

Next Up : My Crazy Monkey, Yoga Awareness and Tourettes #2

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