My Secret Meditation Diary Glossary (further out, forbidden)

Consensus Reality

This Diary Glossary is a support area for readers of some of the less familiar words and terms I may use in my secret meditation diary. No rehab available. They may not all be about meditation. Go to the main site glossary for that. I am putting them here so I don’t break up the flow of the blog. Some meanings may be nuanced and dissimilar from the generally understood meaning. To keep things interesting I may go off into various excursions of the meaning of more obscure words. This is one of the joys of writing glossaries.

A Novel and Powerful Method

I was delighted when my publishers permitted me this indulgence in my recent book. Really hope that you enjoy it too. From an early age I have enjoyed reading glossaries since it is a novel and powerful way of getting your mind around a topic. Really hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

I will add more terms as the diary develops.


Consensus Reality

That which is broadly believed to be reality, based on the consensus. It is very unsatisfactory because it tends to towards the lowest common denominator rather than the most powerful understanding. Consensus reality is perceived as fact by an unquestioning majority. See Mission Statement

Flying Monkeys

My meaning of this is an extension of ‘Crazy Monkeys’ discussed in Diary Entry #2. It infers that although thoughts are wild they are somehow enhanced and targeted on a specific problem with no direct interference from the conscious mind. I found later that this term has a special meaning that it is a tactic used by Narcissists to recruit people to spy for them and spread malicious gossip while presenting the Narc as a victim. Neat ay. Source –The Wizard of Oz !


Not quite the same meaning that is in general usage which would be ‘faultless’. There are some more bells and whistles added in the context here. You might describe this as sticking with intensity to what you are doing in the moment. It has rather more immediacy. See Diary Entry #11 for context.

Pandora’s Box

In the myth of Pandora she opened this mysterious box and an array of entities flew out that she then could not get to go back in.

pandoras box

Someone who explores altered states of consciousness rather like an astronaut exploring space. Methods include breathing techniques, meditation and visualization. Also using Chi, ritual, sensory deprivation, starvation and psychedelics. It often involves extreme excitement or extreme relaxation. More questionably you may possess a genetic predisposition towards such.


……More to follow as it occurs in the Diary. For more generic meditation terms check out the main glossary in the Villages Meditation Group (main site)

Psychonaut. Meditation Glossary for my secret meditation diary. A Diary Glossary that takes many unfamiliar paths.
A reasonable depiction of a powerful alter state.

A term colloquial to North East England and not in wide usage. Meaning clothes like rags that are worn for comfort in the home.

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