#14 Last Nights Rum, Tits and The Tower

Last Night’s Rum…..

The Aleister Crowley Tarot Book & Card Deck

Alister Crowley deck. Last nights rum.

The Aleister Crowley Tarot Book & Card Deck: Includes a 78-Card Deck and a 128-Page Illustrated Book (Arcturus Oracle Kits)

Dive into the world of tarot with Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck. This collector’s set, created by Tania Ahsan and illustrator Paula Zorite, brings Crowley’s instructions to life with vibrant, rainbow-hued cards. The deck, housed in a stylish box, comes with a guidebook that makes reading and understanding the cards easy for modern readers. Explore the rich symbolism of astrology, numerology, and Egyptian mysticism while gaining insights into your spiritual journey. Perfect for divination, self-discovery, and magical rituals, this deck offers a fresh take on Crowley’s visionary tarot.

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