#13 Hush and Chill – Grist to the Mill

Meditation Diary #13 – Hush and Chill

As I settled to my step rather later than I liked the outside had that kind of hush you get when things get colder. Not even much birdsong. I imagined the birds had either left for warmer climes or they were holed up in the places where there was still some decent levels of microclimate in the conifer, ivy and holly that was around.

Grist to the Mill, hush and chill
All grain arriving at the mill represented income, regardless of its quality.

It was only a short one today I had purposely slept in because I knew I was taking time to pay bills and sort things out so i didn’t need to go out at a silly hour to avoid the traffic.

Nature Waking Up

Hush and Chill. I just sat quiet for a while with my eyes closed being distracted then returning to my breathing. All grist to the mill. I fell into unmindful reflections a number of times with different related projects. Constructing a large external gate from old wood but still making it look good and the same with parts of an aged fence partition.

It was getting lighter now as I opened my eyes. I noticed a young squirrel was camping out on the bird table and wondered if he had just jumped up or if he had been there a while. The garden was pretty active with birds and another hour had gone by in what seemed a few minutes.

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