#14 Last Nights Rum, Tits and The Tower

Meditation Diary #14 – Last Nights Rum

Started off in the dark again in the back porch and it was still chilly. I had done a few meditations this week but hadn’t written anything up. If I leave it too long I lose all the details so it becomes pointless. On the previous two-three meditation sessions I just cracked on with other things after.

I settled to my meditation feeling ok but I was getting easily distracted with a host of things. To recap I have been concentrating my meditations to the Zazen style ‘just sitting’ and focussing on breathe. I did not feel hungover but the fact that of last nights rum I’d had a nice Cuban type last night seemed to make my mind more flighty.

Blue tit on coconut. Little Birds took over the garden early today. Last Nights Rum
Little Birds took over the garden today

There was dripping above my head onto the porch panels as usual, it wasn’t the best of sounds. I noticed latr that I had forgotten about this sound so something must have happened. As it got lighter I noticed that the little birds ruled today. Specifically Robins and Bluetits. I supposed that the squirrels were sleeping in because of the cold.

It was a day when I wasn’t doing things at my overdue house flip. A day off technically but there were a pile of chores to do at my home, clothes washing, a bath, a decent meal etc.

An Avalanche of Ideas

There where quite a few topics rattling through my consciousness. With hindsight it might have been better on this occasion to just pick a topic to work through in my mind rather than let it all blow over me. I was all over them like my mind had been waiting for the clear space of meditation to unload. I will note them below.

Raised Beds

I was trying to work out a design of raised beds from old wood and tree prunings that looked good. That is, it didn’t look like I’d used a pile of old rotting boards. Thinking about the size for six and lining the prunings with the old boards.

There is an area of no man’s land at the back of the house I am renovating by the car park. Was thinking about setting up a raised bed for each corresponding garage.

rustic raised beds and last nights rum

I don’t do many readings for myself seems too needy and disrespectful. However I wanted to pick a card later and ask ‘How do I have a good day today?’. Often of late I descend to distressing thoughts of loss and sadness and I wanted to have a pleasant day. I can avoid these feelings when I am actually meditating. Since I was sitting with my eyes closed I did a visualisation of picking a card just to try it.

Last nights rum the tower rider waite

‘The Tower’ from the classic Rider-Waite deck ( Click Safe)

I picked ‘The Tower’. A bit worrying really, screwing up by your own actions. Was going to try and fix the boiler, going to give that a miss now. It would be the perfect card if something went wrong.

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