#10 Meditating for the First Time Every time

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A reasonable depiction check out Castenada (click safe)

Meditation Diary #10 – first time every time

As I settled to my step it was cold and I had slept longer than usual. I had been feeling rough and had purposely slept in. Now the street was more awake than I liked for my meditation. Also my car was in for a scary MOT that was awfully late so I could nozt use it to block the view from the street.

I felt a bit self conscious sitting in my favorite spot with my eyes closed so I decided to try something different. I have heard that you can walk and meditate, ride a horse, do chores. It is all in your approach and mindfulness. So I decided to just sit quietly with my eyes open letting thoughts and events in my vicinity just pass through like my usual practice. To my surprise as I describe below I was tested.

Feeling Cold …

I closed the door a little so it wasn’t so cold. I was well wrapped and Ok. I listened to the sounds outside. The birds were rather more lively than my previous session. I had been using power tools early in the week and I became aware of my tinnitus. The tools really kicks it off. Must get something else on top of the ear plugs.

The Cat

My thoughts again slipped to the notion of ‘hiding’ described in a previous entry. Seems that the Castenada material was more significant to me than I realised. I reflected on the notion of being cocooned from whatever was out there. The way it was described was always twilight to night, not early morning. Even so I tried to settle myself down and appear as nothing to whatever creatures were around. Just as I felt myself accomplishing this a familiar black cat rocked up.

Being Impeccable, in a small way

So I just sat and watched doing nothing, or rather ‘not doing’ anything if you prefer. The cat seemed puzzled, came right up to my door and put its paws on the step. It pressed its face to the pane of the partially open door while I just watched. He went back down the drive the way he had come looking back, visibly spooked. For all I know he did this every time I sat there, I would not know with my eyes closed.

Final Thoughts – first time every time

In a way what happened today showed me the difference between my normal behaviour and what I do when I mediate.

If you think about the title it may seem a little contradictory, but it is valid. Each time you meditate each moment is never quite the same even though it may seem so.

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The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada

A Yaqui way to knowledge meditating first time every time

Dive into “The Teachings of Don Juan” – Carlos Castaneda’s mind-blowing journey into sorcery that flips your world upside down.

Picture this: 1960, a grad student named Carlos meets Don Juan, a mystical Yaqui Indian with crazy powers. Don Juan spills the beans on a world beyond our wildest dreams, filled with beauty and downright scary stuff.

Hold on, ’cause Castaneda’s using herbs to face spirits, running into wolf-shaped shamans, and tangling with death in silver crow form. After a night of pure terror, he throws in the towel on becoming a ‘Man Of Knowledge.’

Read this if you’re up for a mind-bending ride that shakes up your beliefs and offers simple tricks for a fresh way to tackle daily life.

Health Warning : Please bear in mind this is a death cult and can be very influential to your way of seeing things. It is extremely interesting though with parallels to lived reality.

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