Slipping into an Altered State

Entry #19

I hadn’t made any entries for a few months because I was working on other writing projects, but I did continue my meditation practice at the same rate. I was brought to writing again today because it was an interesting one. Being a bit of a psychonaut altered states fill me with excitement.

Still in my winter meditation location in the back conservatory, because it is still cold here in Blighty. Still the same routine, a cup of tea by my side and myself well covered. I had been getting up very early during the week because I am finishing a house flipping project. Leaving early saves me a lot of hassle with traffic and gives me plenty of time to work.

Today my brain initially seemed to be going into overdrive doing house keeping coming up with answers to problems. The moment you sit to meditate you open a space. When all the distractions of your previous days have subsided solutions seem to be just waiting to emerge. Miraculous but I am used to it now, I just let it run. A mad ten minutes then I bring myself back to concentrating on my breathe. However today after tying up loose ends I felt myself drifting. It is rather like dreaming but you go into it fully self-aware, I could have broken it at any moment. None of the paralysis and Chi I have been familiar with, this was different.

I was still holding my warm cup of tea, yes I know bad practice. Eyes still closed, I became aware of my tea in a visual way. I have mentioned my experiences of synesthesia, often with blowing leaves in previous posts. To me in that strange moment my tea was translucent, like an undulating silver glimmer. Everything else around was less intense. The moment I became aware of this I opened my eyes, because it seemed so real, and in that second I wanted to check. I immediately regretted opening my eyes because it was gone. I know from experience one may not ever return to these phenomena.

After this I returned to concentration on my breathing and finished my session without any more exciting stuff. This experience was a real encouragement for me to continue. These mysteries, maybe nothing to some are so tantalising to me.

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